Food photography workshop at Penrith Gallery

Over the years of being a food photographer, I've worked with some really awesome home economists and food stylists. Not everyone knows how much effort and preparation  goes into getting an image of food looking 'just right'. Photography is just one aspect of it – there's all kinds of testing, tasting, trying out different props and making tiny adjustments to the food with tweezers, keeping food looking like it's just been plated, even when it's been sitting under the studio lights for an hour – not to mention making all of this look achievable to the average home cook. Regina Walter – a home economist/food stylist/artist, and a good friend of mine – approached me a while back about doing a Food Photography workshop for Penrith City Council at the Penrith Regional Gallery. The idea was to run workshop that would introduce students to all the elements that go into getting the perfect food shot, and teach them some industry tricks!

Well it's happening and here is the proof. The talented Regina Walter will be teaching the styling, including food prep, plating techniques and set composition skills, and I will be teaching lighting techniques, advice on angles, as well as guiding them through the best way to work with their camera.

I am really looking forward to it, as it will be a good chance to impart some of the knowledge I have, and am sure it will be a fun day seeing the students have a go themselves! It's set for October 18th at the Penrith Regional Gallery, and is open to year 10 & 11 students. Anyone who's interested can call 02 4735 1100 to book.

Will keep you posted on how it goes!