I-Manifest - Jo Pretyman

As part of a photoshoot for Content Space, I was asked to go and take photos of Jo Pretman who is CEO and founder of I-Manifest - a social enterprise that is all about helping youth get into fulfilling careers. Jo's offices are in The Rocks, and we had planned to go take photos in streets around The Rocks, where there are some beautiful textural backgrounds to play with from all of the old buildings around there. A huge rain storm ruined that idea, so we did the shoot inside the i-Manifest offices. I think Mother Nature did us a favour in the end, as the result was quite dramatic - the dark background and and dark clothes ended up highlighting Jo's face perfectly, which is what I had been asked to do in the brief by Content Space.

Shoot for Content Space 1
Shoot for Content Space 2
Shoot for Content Space 3
Shoot for Content Space 4